Pastor’s Welcome

On behalf of the wonderful people of Pine Rivers Vineyard, we extend a warm welcome to you. We are genuinely glad that you have chosen to come and visit us at our website. We also extend an invitation to come and join with us when we gather to worship God as His family at Vineyard.

There are a few obvious things you will notice in visiting with us at Vineyard. We love to worship God with all our heart, mind and strength. This often appears to be very powerful, passionate and intimate. We love to be lead by His Word and we love the presence of the Holy Spirit in our gatherings.

It is our prayer that you will experience the unconditional love of God for your life here at Vineyard and that His Grace will truly be the life-changing reality we all seek. Please make sure you come along, just as you are! Do know, that while we ask you to come as you are, it has been our experience that Jesus will not leave us as we are but He will heal and transform our lives under His good reign as Saviour, King & Friend.

Our Heart & Hope is that you will also find a home here at Pine Rivers Vineyard and we invite you to join us, as together we journey with God in seeing His love change our lives and our world.

Kirk and Nichole Delaney