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How can I help?

We are funded by several generous sources to meet the growing needs of our visitors. Each year sees an increase in the number of requests for food parcels, and you can be a part of meeting this need.

The provision of food is a simple service, and is often under-rated in its importance. Without access to adequate healthy food, people can struggle to maintain employment and positive mental health. Family relationships suffer also, and we see an increase in domestic violence during turbulent economic times. Children especially suffer in their ability to participate fully in school without enough food.

Many of our visitors come to the centre several times a week as they are socially isolated and lonely for community. We build relationship with them over time and see positive changes in their outlook on life. Our aim is to do life ‘with’ our visitors, instead of doing things ‘to’ or ‘for’ them.


One food parcel costs $32 and you can help provide this basic but vital service to your local community.

To give a once off tax deductible financial donation, hit the ‘donate now’ button below.

To donate food, phone us at 1800 1MERCY or bring your donations to the centre during our opening hours.

To organise a food drive in your local school, business, sporting group, church or community, phone our Coordinator on 1800 1MERCY or email You will be given organisational support to make this happen, and is an easy and effective way to collect much needed food donations for the centre.

We accept donations of good quality clothing and shoes.  Please bring your donations to the centre during opening hours.

We don’t accept bric a brac, electrical items, furniture or clothing in poor, ripped, stained condition.